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Welcome to the Association of Canadian Universities of Northern Studies (ACUNS) Online Application Site. This website will allow you to review guidelines and submit applications for ACUNS' student awards, In order to view the application/nomination form, you must create an account. Award guidelines may be previewed here, without creating an account.

The deadline for the ACUNS Awards is January 31.

ACUNS Student Awards Program
General Application Information and Instructions

CNST Background
The Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) is the awards program of the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS). It was established in 1982 to further ACUNS' mandate to advance knowledge and understanding of Canada’s North by offering student awards for exceptional, northern-based research. The purpose of the CNST is to foster scholars and scientists with northern experience and at the same time enhance educational opportunities available for northern residents to obtain post secondary education at Canadian colleges and universities.

Ethical Principles for the Conduct of Research in the North
ACUNS and the CNST adhere to the Ethical Principles for the Conduct of Research in the North. These principles are intended to encourage the development of co-operation and mutual respect between researchers and the people of the North. They are also intended to encourage partnership between northern peoples and researchers that, in turn, will promote and enhance northern scholarship. The Ethical Principles guide appears on our website in English, French, Russian, and Inuktitut at

Eligibility Criteria
 To be eligible for an ACUNS award you must be: 

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Enrolled in full-time post-secondary education at a recognized Canadian University or College 

  • Have an aspect of northern or circumpolar fieldwork included as part of your research that is conducted within the term of your award. (ACUNS defines “northern” Canada as on or north of the line indicated on our Northern Boundary Map).

  • Additional, award-specific requirements are included in award guidelines

Applicants may apply for multiple awards administered by ACUNS, however will only be eligible to receive one award per year. Applicants may not apply to an award category in which they have already been successful.

Application Instructions
Please read award guidelines and instructions carefully before completing the forms. In order to apply, you will be required to create an ACUNS Account by clicking the signup button at the top of this page. Once you have registered, you will receive an email to confirm. Your ACUNS Account will allow you to save your application and track the progress of your application, referee reports and transcripts. If successful, this Account will allow you to track your progress reports, payments and deliverables. The ACUNS Account remains unique to you, and can be used each year in applying for ACUNS Awards.

There are 3 parts to an ACUNS application: the application form, referee’s reports, and transcripts. All 3 parts must be received in the office before January 31.
Referee’s report:
Once you have created your ACUNS Account, you will be asked to enter the names and email addresses of the individuals you will ask to serve as referees in support of your application. Referees will receive a direct email that will include the report. The referee’s report is to be completed according to the award guidelines. If you are applying to more than one ACUNS Award, your referee is required to complete a separate form for each application. Upon submission of the report, your ACUNS Account will be updated to reflect its completion. Referee Guidelines
ACUNS accepts digital copies of official transcripts either uploaded to application directly or sent to All post-secondary transcripts must be submitted and only official transcripts will be accepted. If you are applying to more than one award, you may submit a single set of transcripts for all applications, though it is recommended to upload these to each application directly. 

It is highly recommended that you order these well in advance of the application deadline.

If sending by mail, please note that it can take several weeks to have official transcripts ordered and delivered. Please send one copy of all required official grade transcripts, in a single package to:

ACUNS Scholarship Program
c/o Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies

P.O. Box 30017
Ottawa, ON K2H 1A3

Tel: (613) 323-1473

ACUNS will accept digital copies of official transcripts sent to

Once your transcripts have been received in the ACUNS office, your ACUNS account will be updated to reflect the completion of this task.

Adjudication & Notification 
Review of applications to the ACUNS Awards Program takes place over the spring. The final adjudication meeting takes place in early May. Only winners and runners up in each award category will be notified. Information about successful recipients and their projects is posted to the ACUNS website.

ACUNS Program Privacy, Storage and Retention of Information Policy
If you have any questions about the ACUNS Awards Program or application process, please contact ACUNS at

If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact


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